Program background

The Denver Indian Center, Inc’s (DICI’s) Career Advancement Program (CAP) is funded through the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Workforce Investment Act, Section 166. The program has been in existence since 1983, working to increase the employability of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Who we serve

The CAP serves American Indians and Alaska Natives in the entire State of Colorado with the exception of Montezuma, LaPlata, and Archuleta counties, who are served by the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Tribes. In Colorado, the American Indian community is one of the fastest growing communities according the Census, increasing by 26.6 percent during the last ten years. Unfortunately, also in Denver, 34.5 percent of American Indian’s are living in poverty. Together, this data means our services and programs are more relevant and critical than ever. Our Career Advancement Program data shows the importance of our work:


Program Year
Received Core Services
2013 – 2014
Program Year
Received Core Services
20,219 Individuals 4,421 Individuals

How CAP helps

Staff provides workforce and training assistance through a variety of ways.

Core services allow individuals to utilize a variety of walk-in resources. These include a job search room, use of computers and internet, job fairs, fax machines, telephones, copiers and other resources like a career resource library, resume assistance and more.

Intensive services provide individuals with a comprehensive array of services to increase their employability. This process begins with program intake and eligibility, followed by assignment to a job counselor. The job counselor works with the client to complete an assessment of skills, including life skills, and assists to set short- and long-term goals. These goals are then placed into an Individual Career Plan (ICP).

Staff may also provide clients with work experiences, tuition assistance, rent/mortgage assistance, food gift certificates, bus passes, and assistance with purchasing tools or clothes required for employment.

The program works to get our clients the training and knowledge they need to be placed into a high wage job that has growth potential. We do this by working with a vast network of employers that includes corporations, nonprofits, labor unions, and other workforce and supportive systems. This network allows access to daily listings of new jobs and immediate access to hiring staff at each agency.

CAP defines career readiness as being prepared in three key areas:

1. Core academic skills and the ability to apply those skills to concrete workplace situations;

2. Employability skills (such as critical thinking and responsibility); and

3. Technical job specific skills related to a specific career pathway.

Our results

In 2010, the DICI’s Career Advancement Program received the U.S. Department of Labor’s Distinguished Service Award for Workforce and Training. The award was due to our increased numbers and successful outcomes regarding job placement and earned wages. During the past six years, the CAP has experienced an 87 percent placement rate for our clients. Our data for the past six years also shows that we have provided 11,967 individuals with core services and 1,816 clients with intensive services.

Hiring skilled employees

The Career Advancement Program can assist you in hiring skilled employees and assisting with your outreach in diverse communities.  If you have hiring needs, or anticipate hiring needs, contact the CAP Program Director, David Welch at 303.936.2688 or


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