Denver Indian Center Inc.

COVID Native Response Team

Helping You Cope During the Pandemic


The COVID Native Response team is here to help during these difficult times.

About Program

The COVID-19 Native Response Team provides community-based crisis counseling and support to individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19 and may be experiencing distress, anxiety, worry, hopelessness or need additional support to cope with the current pandemic.

Our Services
Community Outreach & Group Education

Our team offers community outreach and group education to fellow organizations and communities. Contact our program today.

Contact Us

Our CCP Helpline and Email is anonymous and free of charge.

Program PSAs & Media

Our team has put together PSAs, flyers, social media posts and other materials to help share important information about COVID-19, vaccinations, booster shots, how to stay safe, and more. Please be a good relative and share with your connections.

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