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Serving the Crossroads of Indian Country

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What We Do

Serving the Crossroads of Indian Country for over 50 years

To empower our American Indian youth, elders, families and community by promoting self-determination and economic, mental and physical health through education, advocacy and cultural enrichment.

This Holiday Season, the Denver Indian Center helped with:


Turkey Vouchers for Thanksgiving


Christmas Vouchers for Christmas

Countless Gifts

Christmas Gifts


Energy Assistance

New Paint Job
We are the Denver Indian Center (DICI), an urban cultural gathering center for the American Indian and Alaska Native community of the Denver Metro area.

Our Programs

At the Denver Indian Center, we have numerous programs that assist the Denver Native community.

Honoring Fatherhood

Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) equips and encourages fathers to live with integrity and purpose to strengthen their families and communities.

Native Workforce Program

Native Workforce Program (NWP) is funded through the U.S. Department of Labor and provides career services, resume/skill-building workshops, referrals and more.

Parenting in Two Worlds

Denver Indian Center is offering a 10-week Parenting Program for urban American Indian and Alaska Native families. To qualify, you need to be a parent or guardian of an American Indian or Alaska Native youth between 12-17 years old and reside in the urban area of Denver. 

Native Community Peer Outreach

Native Community Peer Outreach works with individuals, families, and groups to provide culturally relevant outreach support.

Our Vision

Helping the Community

At the Denver Indian Center, our Vision is simple: to be engaging, innovative and transformative, with transparency, as we provide our employees and American Indian Community members with the highest quality programs and services.


We advocate and work to transform the lives of our community, by working with community partners to change the historical structure of systemic oppression and assimilation policies.     


We work to create new and innovative approaches to create and promote self-determination for all who enter our doors. 


We promote choices and self-determination for individuals, families, and nations.

What Our Clients Say

"I came to the Indian Center with nothing. I was new to Denver. I didn't know where to go…Now, I am enrolled in programs at the Indian Center and have felt so much support from their staff. I am about to finish training on my new job that I got after participating in the workforce program and I am about halfway through with the Fatherhood program's classes. I see the day that I came to the Indian Center as a big turning point in my life in Denver. I am so grateful for everything …"

Have Questions?

  • The Denver Indian Center, Inc. grew out of the Denver Native American United, Inc. which began services around 1970’s to meet the unique needs of the urban American Indian in the Denver metro area. DICI has served thousands of members of the American Indian community by providing necessary programs, support, resources and connection to their cultural heritage. The Center continues to be a highly sought after location for the community to gather for pow-wows and various other culturally-based activities.

Tours and program information are always available during business hours.

Our location is 4407 Morrison Rd, Denver, CO 80219.

Please check out our Support Page and Programs for more information.

The Denver Indian Center, Inc. on Monday hosted 3 Humphrey Fellows from the University of Washington on Indigenous rights.  Denver Indian Center, Inc. hosted Mr. Christorpher Silver from British Columbia, Canada, Ms. Ritu Thapa, from Nepal, and Ms. Vilma Saloj Chiyal from Guatemala. During this exchange, the fellows learned about urban American Indian and Alaskan Native issues and learned about programming to support and expand support for their communities. A few of the programs highlighted were the Elders program and the Honoring Fatherhood Program.

This spring, the University of Washington collaborated with the UW Canadian Studies Center and UW Native American Law Center to host a group of 20 senior international professionals as part of the Distinguished Humphrey Fellowship Program: Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DHFP). This program, a smaller-scale version of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education. 

The 2024 cohort of Fellows comprises government officials, non-profit leaders, lawyers, and other senior professionals dedicated to advancing indigenous rights. They will be at the University of Washington for a week-long training from May 5th to May 12th. 

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