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Honoring Fatherhood Program

Generations of Native men making a difference tied together by tradition & building future generations of fathers.


The Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) equips and encourages fathers to live with integrity and purpose to strengthen their families and communities.

About Program

Our curriculum provides participants with an opportunity to demonstrate self-determination and gain a deeper understanding of relationships, the relevancy of fatherhood, and importance of economic stability within Native cultural context. Honoring Fatherhood Participants are encouraged to explore real-world skills that assist them in their careers, communities, and, most importantly, their families.

We explore the following topics and encourage participants to make choices that fit their present day circumstances:

  • A deeper understanding of relationships
  • Relevancy as a father
  • Economic Stability

Enrolled participants are eligible to receive additional support with:

  • On-site Childcare during classes (Allowing for COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Connecting with other Service agencies

HFP supports fathers by providing information that utilizes the Medicine wheel to promote Living in Balance:

  • Fathers make a significant impact on their families and society.
  • Fathers must assist in keeping families together.
  • HFP is about self-determination and Living in Balance.
  • Fathers recognize the importance and significance of their role in the family.
  • Equipping them for success in contemporary urban society.
Eligibility Requirements

Honoring Fatherhood Program serves all fathers. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Resident of Colorado
  • 18+ years of age
  • We welcome fathers, step-father, grandfathers, or anyone in a fatherhood role

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