Denver Indian Center Inc.

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Serving the Denver American Indian & Alaska Native Community for over 50 years

About the Denver Indian Center

Serving the American Indian & Alaska Native Community for over 50 years

The Denver Indian Center Inc. (DICI) is an urban cultural gathering center for the American Indian and Alaska Native community of the Denver Metro area. Incorporated in 1983 to meet the unique needs and challenges facing the of the Native community, the DICI supports our Native youth and community by providing guidance for economic empowerment and self-reliance programs that empower families and honor our elders, and by offering a space where Native culture can be preserved and celebrated.

​Together, we strive to create a new way of doing things “The way it should be…”

Who We Are

Our Staff

Meet the staff, support specialists, managers, and Executive Directors members who assist and empower our community members.

Rick Waters

Executive Director

Rick Waters (Kiowa and Cherokee)

For over 40 years, Rick has been actively involved in advocating on behalf of the American Indian community through both his professional and personal life. From supporting higher education opportunities for Native students at the University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Phoenix and the American Indian College Fund, to helping serve the Native community in the Denver Front Range area through his work at the Denver Indian Center, Rick has dedicated his life to Indian Country.   In promoting self-determination and self-reliance, Rick points to the importance of the family and the roles each member is responsible, while taking into account traditional Native American beliefs and values.  Originally from Oklahoma, Rick has lived in Colorado since 1984 and is married with 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  

Steve Revello

Executive Director / HFP Program Manager

Steve ReVello currently coordinates and manages the Honoring Fatherhood team while providing guidance for all aspects of facilities and finance as the Co-Director. Steve is a qualified manager and holds the Master of Social Sciences degree from University of Colorado at Denver; he also and holds a valid school administrator’s license in the state of Colorado. Steve is no stranger to education and social services and has spent more than twenty years leading educational and social services institutions in the metro Denver area. Steve believes that individual choices are enhanced by cultural values and education.

Frances Ruiz

Native Workforce Manager/ Program Support Specialist Supervisor/ Energy Outreach Manager

Frances Ruiz is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and Spanish. Frances attended the University of Denver Women’s College and Red Rocks Community College and obtained her certificate in Non-Profit Management. She’s previously worked with DICI’s sister organization Denver Indian Health and Family Services. As a Native Workforce Program Manager, Frances supervises the Native Workforce Programs with their day-to-day operations with a primary focus on employment training and education as well as marketing, etc. Frances is a trusted a vital member of DICI’s administrative team.

Mekete Sugebo

Director of Finance 

David Wright

Grants Manager/ Data Manager/ Program Manager Honor Fatherhood Alumni Program

David Wright graduated from Adams State University, where he earned his Certificate of Nonprofit Fundraising and Development for the University of Denver, and his Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Northern Colorado. David is passionate about serving his community and has worked in the past to support at-risk youth in the Denver metro area, refugee populations, and the Native American community. David’s work is centered on the holistic approach of supporting the academic, cultural, social and spiritual needs of the community and currently works as a Relationship Guidance Specialist for the Honoring Fatherhood Program.

Madonna Rogers


Madonna Rogers is the receptionist at the Denver Indian Center.

Stella Carrasco

Program Support Specialist 

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Lily Boyce

Lead Peer Outreach Specialist

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James Woodruff

Career Guidance Specialist – Native Workforce Program

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Kelli Huapapi

Career Guidance Specialist – Native Workforce Program

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Joshua Espinoza

Relationship Guidance Specialist

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