Denver Indian Center Inc.

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Serving the Denver American Indian & Alaska Native Community for over 50 years

About the Denver Indian Center

Serving the American Indian & Alaska Native Community for over 50 years

The Denver Indian Center Inc. (DICI) is an urban cultural gathering center for the American Indian and Alaska Native community of the Denver Metro area. Incorporated in 1983 to meet the unique needs and challenges facing the of the Native community, the DICI supports our Native youth and community by providing guidance for economic empowerment and self-reliance programs that empower families and honor our elders, and by offering a space where Native culture can be preserved and celebrated.

​Together, we strive to create a new way of doing things “The way it should be…”

What We Do

Our Programs

At the Denver Indian Center, there are many supportive programs dedicated to assisting members of the American Indian and Alaska Native community in reaching their full potential.

Native Community Peer Outreach

Helping the Community with Support

Native Community Peer Outreach works with individuals, families, and groups to provide culturally relevant outreach support.

Honoring Fatherhood Program

Generations of Native men making a difference tied together by tradition & building future generations of fathers

The Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) equips and encourages fathers to live with integrity and purpose to strengthen their families and communities.

Native Workforce Program

The workforce of Indian Country

Native Workforce Program (NWP) at the DICI has been providing career services since 1970, serving thousands of individuals over the years with referrals, job placements, resume and skill-building workshops, job and career pathway counseling, career assessments and GED educational assistance.

Community Services

Providing a safe space for the Denver community

At the Denver Indian Center, we provide safe spaces and services for our community.

  • Monthly lunches and services for Elders
  • Utility & Energy Assistance
  • Cultural Activities and Language Classes
  • Youth Programming
  • Community Events