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Self-care ideas & tips for parents during this difficult time

Parents: when you take time for self-care, you recharge so you can parent at your best. Here are some tips for self-care at home during these difficult times.

There’s a lot happening in the world right now, and it could be especially stressful for parents. Stress causes wear and tear on a person, inside and out.

❤️Listen to music—the power of music can change your mood! Listen to your favorite music to relax or energize yourself!

❤️Love yourself—remind yourself how special and needed you are! Remember your strengths and amazing qualities.

❤️Journal or write—at the end of the day, write down something funny or amazing that you and your child/ren did today and capture the memory! Journaling is a great stress reliever.

❤️Get moving—taking a break to move can help alleviate stress! If inside, take a few minutes to walk around and get your blood pumping.

The COVID Native Response Team is here to help during these difficult times. Our team provides community-based counseling and support to those impacted by COVID-19. Call our Center at (303) 936-2688 or email us at